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Life After 40 – A New Portrait of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Postsecondary Students (4.1MB – pdf) – This report paints a new portrait of the changing "non-traditional" student, — typically 25 years and older and the fastest growing cohort in postsecondary education.

Taxing Matters – College Aid, Tax Policy & Equal Opportunity (214KB – pdf) – A “primer” on the various means through which tax-based policies have been promulgated to promote college affordability. The report reviews current, past, and proposed policies and programs, and discusses who benefits from these policies, based on available government data. The report also reviews similar information about need-based grant aid, which is targeted to lower-income students.

Now What? – Life After College for Recent Graduates (270KB – pdf) – What happens to students in their first few years after receiving a bachelor’s degree? What kinds of opportunities and obstacles do they face? What does the future hold for these recent graduates? This report attempts to provide answers to these questions by taking a broad view of the postcollegiate experiences of recent graduates.

Missed Opportunities – A New Look at Disadvantaged College Aspirants (24KB – pdf) – Interesting data on the significant gaps in educational attainment and achievement hurdles confronted by low-income, minority, and other disadvantaged students.

Do Grants Matter? – Student Grant Aid & College Affordability (461KB – pdf) – This report reexamines the relationship between grant assistance and overall college affordability and chronicles the trends in funding for grants and their impact on families’ ability to pay for postsecondary education.

Student Loan Debt – Problems & Prospect (520KB – pdf) – A series of presented papers focused on these major questions: Is student loan debt a problem? For whom? What public policy options should be considered to address student debt?

Credit Risk or Credit Worthy? – College Students and Credit Cards (302KB – pdf) – Many questions exist regarding the usage, and potential abuse, of credit cards by college students. To address such issues, The Institute for Higher Education Policy and TERI commissioned a computer-assisted telephone survey of college students. The results of the survey are presented in this report.

College Debt and the American Family (5.1MB – pdf) – A research report assessing the current status of borrowing to pay for college on a national level. The report seeks to add to public knowledge about college borrowing in several distinct ways.

The Next Step: Student Aid for Student Success (3.9MB – pdf) – With fewer students successfully completing their educations, the focus of policy — driven mainly by increasing budgetary pressures — has shifted from access to student success. This report addresses how student aid can promote student success.

What is Opportunity? Defining, Operationalizing, and Measuring the Goal of Postsecondary Educational Opportunity (1.1MB – pdf) – Despite the common usage of the word "opportunity", there is surprisingly little consensus about what opportunity is. In fact, there is so little understanding about what opportunity means – particularly in the public policy context – that the use of the word may actually cloud rather than clarify policy debates. This paper intends to serve as an objective analytic tool to frame the core questions regarding how to define opportunity, set benchmarks, and move from benchmarks to actual measures.

Graduating into Debt — The Burdens of Borrowing for Graduate and Professional Students (3.2MB – pdf) – A report portraying the complex picture of student borrowing at the graduate and professional level, where overall borrowing has escalated.