Repaying Student Loans

Monthly Payment Calculator Tool

Check out our Monthly Payment Calculator Tool to estimate your monthly loan payments.

Loan Servicing Companies

Your lender or its designated loan servicer will be responsible for handling your loans. It’s important to know which company services your loan. You can find this by reviewing your original credit agreement, contacting your lender, or contacting customer service.

Listed below are servicing companies handling loans made under TERI’s programs. Use the following links and information to contact your servicer.

Servicing Partners Phone # Web Address
American Education Services (AES/PHEAA) 800-233-0557
Great Lakes 800-236-4300
ACS 800-508-0806
Ed Financial Services 800-337-6884
LoanStar 800-829-4599
Penn Security Bank & Trust 866-251-1060

Making a Student Loan Payment

To find out your monthly payment amount, payment due date or where to send your payment, contact your loan servicer at the phone number or website shown above. If you do not know the name of your servicer, contact your lender or customer service.