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Get Ready For College Day Event: October 31 – November 3

College Advisors And Students Target Boston’s 8th Graders

BOSTON – If you’re 12 years old, you’re not too young to start planning for college. That’s the message that TERI College Access (formerly the Higher Education Information Center) will be taking to 8th graders across Boston on Get Ready for College Day, scheduled to take place between October 31 and November 3.

Teams made up of local college admissions and financial aid officers, college students, and TERI College Access education advisors will reach out to 8th graders, with programs specially designed for each middle school. The teams will work with the students in small, intimate groups to raise awareness of the importance and accessibility of a postsecondary education. Teams will stress the need for college planning, developing the right study habits and choosing the right high school courses.

Founded in part by area colleges and with space provided free of charge by the Boston Public Library, TERI College Access has college access centers for students and adults located at the Boston Public Library, Copley Square, with six additional satellite centers across Boston, Chelsea and in Brockton. TERI College Access also conducts a wide range of outreach activities throughout Greater Boston at community organizations, career centers, businesses and schools.

Last fall, Get Ready for College Day helped raise awareness of the importance and viability of going to college for 3,800 students in 22 schools. This year, 30 schools and 4,000 8th graders will participate.

“TERI College Access is performing an important public service by reaching out to our 8th graders,” said Thomas Payzant, Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools. “Most well-paying jobs in our 21st century economy require a college education, and it’s important for middle school students and their families to start seeing college as a viable and important option to help them succeed in education and in the workplace.”

“With the College Access Centers and other outreach initiatives, we’ve been able to inform students and adult learners about the different types of colleges and degree programs and help them navigate the selection and financial aid process, all of which is essential to their ability to perform well in the mainstream economy,” said Willis J. Hulings III, President and CEO of The Education Resources Institute.

“Get Ready for College Day is another way we encourage students to have high expectations of themselves, and give them the tools they need to translate those aspirations into reality,” he added.

For information on Get Ready for College Day, contact your high school principal or guidance counselor, or call Timothy Eisenstadt at 617-556-0565.