Online School Services

TERI’s Online School Services let you quickly and efficiently check loan status, certify loans, and access loan forms, online reports and password-protected student loan account information.

Interested in more detail or guidance on our Online School Services? It’s all right here in our Online School Services Guide.

Set Up an Account

In order to access Online School Services, set up your FREE account by contacting Priority Service at:

How to Log-on

It’s easy to log on to TERI’s Online School Services. Simply enter the numeric U.S. Department of Education school code (or if your school does not have a code, enter the TERI-assigned code) next to Login ID. Please be sure to enter all digits included in the code.

Next, enter your school password. Your initial password is supplied by TERI. During your first certification session, please change the password to a series of letters or numbers that you can easily remember, but is not obvious to someone else.

Can’t Remember your Password?

If you can’t remember your school password, contact Priority Service and a representative will be glad to assist you. Having trouble accessing Online School Services? Check our system requirements.