At TERI, we promote access to education at all levels for students of all ages and backgrounds. Founded in 1985, we are a nonprofit organization with two primary programs. Through our TERI guaranteed private education loan programs, we have helped over one million students access loans to pay for their education. Through our College Access programs, we have supported over one million low income and underserved individuals in their pursuits of a college degree.

TERI Guaranteed Loans

Helping Families Manage the Cost of Education

As education costs rise, more families struggle to pay for education. To fill the financial aid gap, we at TERI sponsor and guarantee private education loans for students at all levels and disciplines.

Offering Choices to Schools, Students, and Families

Choose from our network of over 30 highly respected lending and marketing partners. Our partners offer TERI guaranteed loan products that meet your needs. TERI also provides efficient loan processing and knowledgeable customer service assistance. Our guaranty and service commitment stand behind each loan.

TERI College Access

Promoting College Access in Our Community and Beyond

For many low-income, first-generation and minority students, lack of college and financial aid information is a major barrier to going to college. Through our College Access Centers and our on-line resources, we help students and families select colleges, identify financial aid resources, and apply for admissions. Through school-based programs, we at TERI are encouraging students to have high expectations, stay in school, and prepare for college.

Promoting College Access through Systemic Change

The work of the Boston Higher Education Partnership and the Pathways to College Network exemplify TERI’s commitment to removing the systemic barriers that keep underserved students from achieving their higher education goals. By sponsoring research studies and supporting education leaders and policymakers, TERI is promoting the agenda of college access nationwide.