Education Leaders

TERI, with you, is committed to providing underserved, low-income students with the opportunity and tools necessary to access and succeed in college.

Through our leadership, resources, and partnerships, we have been spearheading significant local and national efforts to support college preparation, careeer guidance, college access and finance, and success for all students, particularly for low-income students and first-generation students.


TERI College Access offers comprehensive programs for individuals and organizations, which provide information, guidance, and practicial help that assist underserved individuals to achieve their college and other post-secondary educational goals. Our expert advisors work with students and families at College Access Centers and schools to assist individuals in planning and paying for college. Beginning in the sixth grade, advisors work one-on-one with students to develop study habits and to improve academic skills. In higher grades, students are given guidance on developing career paths and choosing the schools to which they will apply. Students are also given support through the admission and financial aid process.

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TERI plays a prominent national and regional leadership role in identifying and promoting strategies for improving college access and financial aid.

Pathways to College Network

Launched in 2001, the Pathways to College Network is an alliance of national organizations and funders promoting reform of education policy and practice so that a college education is a realistic goal for all young people. Managed by TERI, the Pathways Network focuses research-based knowledge and resources on improving college access for low-income students, under-represented minorities, first-generation students, and students with disabilities. A Shared Agenda, a report produced by the Pathways partners, summarizes key research findings and action strategies for leaders. View A Shared Agenda report. [972KB]

Through this mission, the Network expects to:

  • Change perceptions, practices, and policies about academic preparation and college opportunity;
  • Eliminate policy and programmatic barriers to college going; and
  • Make readiness for college success a fundamental goal of public education in the United States.

Boston Higher Education Partnership

The Boston Higher Education Partnership, managed at TERI, is a consortium of 30 colleges and universities and the Boston Public Schools. The Partnership’s vision is to assure that students graduate from high school academically prepared with adequate financial aid to go to college. TERI facilitates these institutions working together in collaboration with public schools and the business community. Focus areas are public policy, research to improve student achievement, strengthening college pathways, new teacher preparation, and professional development.

TERI Sponsored Research

TERI is committed to significantly contribute to the body of information and research available on college access. On our own and in collaboration with others, we undertake or commission research which will guide TERI and others on how best to support access and on how funding and education policies and practices impact college enrollment, retention and choice.

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TERI is the most experienced and largest guarantor of private student loans in the nation. With an education loan guarantee from TERI, lenders are able to offer private student loans to students and families at more flexible terms and at lower rates. Loan programs are available for undergraduates, graduates, continuing education students, health and degreed undergraduate students, as well as elementary and secondary school students.

When looking for a private loan guaranteed by TERI, schools and borrowers can choose from a network of more than 30 highly respected lending and marketing institutions. These programs are available at more than 6,800 schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. TERI offers schools a choice of loan products, efficient loan processing, and knowledgeable customer service assistance. Students and families can pick a loan type, lender, funding method and repayment plan tailored to their unique needs and situations. On-line processing and preliminary approval in as little as 15 minutes enables campuses and borrowers to access up-to-the-minute loan status online and by phone.

The TERI guarantee and service commitment stand behind each loan.

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TERI added a database of over 1,100 outreach programs to the Pathways to College Network website.

The new Pathways Outreach Program Database can help students, parents, counselors, and youth workers locate pre-college programs in all 50 states. The programs help low-income and minority students plan and prepare for college. This unique online resource is also a valuable resource for college and university staff interested in starting outreach programs in their communities.

The database was originally compiled and published by the College Board in collaboration with TERI and the Council for Opportunity in Education. The database can be searched by state, zip code, population served, and service offered. The capability to add new programs and update existing profiles will be added to the database soon.